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Tic Tac®

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Fresh Mint

First you feel the smooth, sweet flavour as they touch your taste buds. Then you begin to smile as a subtle peppermint flavour makes its way over your mouth, growing stronger as your breath cools, and your tongue tingles.



TIC TAC® Orange mints are the exotic flavour that redefined refreshment. Citrus and sunshine collide with quintessential cool, giving your mouth a sensation it won't forget. Tantalizing tropical, unquestionably fresh.


Arctic Rush

A fresh and powerful rush of intense mint flavour – like cannonballing into icy arctic water with a crazy crew of Yetis.


Strawberry Fusion

It's sweet! it's sour! It's SWEEEET! It's SOURRRR! It's a roller coaster of flavour that'll leave you fired up for more.


fresh mint/orange 100 packs

They are so good you never want them to run out! Enjoy this classic flavour from your childhood that much longer. Keep the TIC TAC® stash in your car, desk, purse or gym bag. With this many - share the freshness, share the fun.


fresh mint/orange multipack

Multiply the flavour and fun with the Fresh Mint and Orange TIC TAC® Multipacks. With three boxes of your favourite mints in every pack your mouth will be buzzing with that TIC TAC® feeling for a long, long time.